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Medieval Knights

Medieval Knights Fancy Dress Costumes to buy Online. Authentic, great quality Medieval Knights. Fancy Dress Costumes available for males and females to buy in store or online for Australia wide shipping.

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  1. Battle Axe - 113 cm (DUABA)

    Battle Axe - 113 cm (DUABA)


    About 3 - 7 Days

    Battle Axe - 113 cm - Fancy Dress Costume Accessory for Medieval, Executioner or Renaissance Costume Learn More
  2. Gold Handle Knight Sword (DUASWK)

    Gold Handle Knight Sword (DUASWK)


    About 3 - 7 Days

    Gold Handle Knight Sword - Medieval Sword for Knight or Gladiator Fancy Dress Costume Learn More
  3. Harley Quinn Child Costume RUB992

    Harley Quinn - Child Costume (RUB992)

    Starting at: $49.95

    Various Sizes

    First seen in Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn made quite an impact as the Joker's sidekick and girlfriend. Bring your own blend of humour and danger together as you slip into this fun red and black jester set. INCLUDES Black and Red printed Tutu Dress Headpiece Mask Learn More
  4. Juliet Child Costume RUB88305

    Juliet - Child Costume (RUB88305)

    Starting at: $34.95

    Range of Sizes

    Remember the tragic story of the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet? Take on the part of Juliet and keep a lookout from your balcony. Will you and Romeo find love and settle the feud between Montagues and Capulets? Includes:Dress and headpiece Size 5-7 Size(s) M, L Learn More
  5. Queen Gorgo - Adult Costume

    Queen Gorgo - Adult Costume

    Starting at: $64.95

    Range of Sizes

    Queen Gorgo - Adult Costume Learn More
  6. Robin Hood / Hunter Deluxe - Adult Costume (DURHD)

    Robin Hood / Hunter Deluxe - Adult Costume (DURHD)


    About 3 - 7 Days

    Robin Hood / Hunter Deluxe - Standard - Adults Costume Learn More
  7. Super Hero Cape King DUACSHK

    Super Hero Cape - King (DUACSHK)


    About 3 - 7 Days

    Super Hero Cape - King - 70cm x 90cm - Be any King you like in this Regal Royal Cape and Mask Set Learn More
  8. Warrior King - Adult Costume

    Warrior King - Adult Costume

    Starting at: $64.95

    Pick your size

    Warrior King - Adult Costume Learn More

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