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About us

Meet our first employee.

In 1991 we wanted to send a surprise gift to a friend, but we wanted to do it a bit differently. We had heard about Gorillas' delivering balloons, in other cities and thought that's what we needed.

So after several days of phoning, yes it was before the internet and all the wonderful advantages it offers, we realised we would have to do it ourselves. So off we went looking for a Gorilla. It took us a while but we finally found Coco, our first character. During this time, we also got hold of our first Balloon Gas Cylinder. We had too much fun playing with the helium filled balloons to ever give it back.

We got a nice big bouquet of 13 balloons and Coco did his first Gorilla Gram. What a hit, he said he "had not had so much fun since the first time I slipped on a banana". One the first night he was asked to help celebrate an adults' 40th birthday at a party. Being a fun loving hairy guy, he said, “Sure! Why not?”. Heaps more birthday's, Hen's Parties followed.

Before long he had been invited to attend a Child’s Birthday party. Coco did not think that a, 3 year old, was really his audience. He did not have any little ones himself at the time. But he knew a girl who had heaps of experience with young kids, so we suggested a Clown as a better option. And as they say the rest is sort of history.

Well that history includes our performers attending clown camp. I am looking for the photo of the lecture theatre full of Clowns in full face makeup and costume. Really hard to work out who was the Class Clown at that school.


Just Clowning Around is now a regular attendee at all types of events, throughout the Canberra, Queanbeyan area, helping celebrate both Adult and Children’s birthdays, promotions, Christmas and End of Year functions every year. We have managed to stay around because we try and always provide quality product and services. Our team of party ninjas are enthusiastic and lively individuals. We look for people who are reliable, punctual, with a desire to satisfy the customer. Over time, Just Clowning Around has added a number of different children's favourite activities including Face Painting, Balloon Modelling, Glitter Tattoos and Jumping Castles. Click for Our Party Options

Costume Hire and Costumes to Buy

Because Coco was such a good looking guy, people kept asking how they could step out in such great style, so we started to hire out his wordrobe. This was from a room under our house in Chapman. This was the start of our Costume Hire. When we had to move to Rivett, we took the store with us. At the new house the Costumes started in one bedroom, We added costumes as people asked for them, so soon two bedrooms then the lounge, and finally, we had to move out, as the whole house was occupied with 100's of costumes. After lots of searching, we finally found, what we affectionately call the "Bat Cave", and moved into our premises in Mawson in about 2004.costume Hire

As the world changed more and more costumes to buy become available at better pricing, so we started to sell costumes and accessories