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FAQ - Jumping Castle Hire Canberra

How far in advance should I book? 

- we suggest 2-3 weeks in advance if you require a particular Jumping Castle.
- further in advance for the November - December period.
- however we take bookings up to 12 months in advance, and as late as the day before your event.
- remember the later you book, the less options available.

How do I determine which Jumping Castle meets my needs? Consider:

- age of the guests,
- number of guests you hare invitited,
- location: is it at home or in a park?
- the space available,
- the access to the site,
- access to power, and
- is the site on flat level ground?
- is the ground able to be pegged into?

How do I book my Jumping Castles Party Hire with Just Clowning Around?

- call 02 6286 7100,
- email us at [email protected] or
- use our Contact Form

Is a deposit required?


- In order to secure your booking, we require a non refundable deposit.
- Currently $20 if booking is more than 7 days in advance, $40 if less than 7 days for each Jumping Castle or activity.
- We accept Visa and Mastercard, or Internet banking transfers
- Or payment can be made in the store.

When is full payment due?

- The outstanding amount is due at least three days before your event
- We accept company cheques from corporate hirers only.

How is the Booking confirmed?

- Once we have entered the booking details, you should receive a Booking Confirmation via email within 36 hours.
- If you do not receive it please contact us.

What do I do once I receive the Booking Confirmation?

It is really important that you carefully check the details, particularly:
- Date,
- Time,
- Location Details, and
- your contact details for the day.

What do we need to do prior to Just Clowning Around's arrival?

- Ensure the site is clear of pet droppings, toys, large sticks or rocks.
- Ensure access is clear. Just liken the Jumping Castle to a large wheel barrow full of wet cement and if it accidentally fell over.
- Identify the power outlet. Remember that you should not plug water or food heating units into the SAME CIRCUIT. (Not just the same power point.)

What happens on the party day?

- On the day of your jumping castle hire, we will arrive at the location detailed on the Booking Confirmation approximatly 15 minutes before your start time.
- We will first do a visual inspection of the intended site, and planned access. We will check the size of the space, overhead for power lines or other obstacles, amount of water on the ground, and the best way to face the Castle to allow proper supervision during operation.
- Once installation is complete our installer will advise you in how to safetly operate and supervise your jumping castle party by going through the standard, and if necessary specific operating instructions. You should be familiar with them, and have all ready read them, as they are included with your Booking Confirmation.

What about rain or high winds?

We do not like to disappoint anybody on their big day. However safety is our first pirority and therefore, some times, we can not proceed with the hire due to rain or high winds.

- Rain - If the Jumping Castle gets wet, the surface of the castle becomes very slippery. The floor of the castles is undulated, not flat. If it is slippery, when kids land after a bounce their feet can slip out from under them, increasing the risk of broken bones. The castle can get wet, not just directly from the rain, but also from the moisture on the ground around the Jumping Castle.

- Wind  - Despite the Jumping Castles weighing between 100kg - 480kg, high winds can pick the castle up and carry it a distance from the site. Our castles when installed with pegs into the secure ground, can with stand some high winds, however depending on the site location, protection from sourounding structures, and the weather forecast on the day it may make installation unsafe.

What happens if the weather is scheduled for rain or high winds?

- Usually we do not worry untill the day of the event. However if the forcast the day before is indicating unsuitable weather, it may be beneficial  to change to another activity the day before your event. The more notice we have the higher the chance we have of being able to substitute the Jumping Castle with another activity. 
- On same days it is a 50/50 on how the weather is going to be, at any particular site. We would prefer to proceed with the Jumping Castle Hire but ensuring the satey of your children comes first.

What if on the day if the weather is still unsettled?

We use a number of apps to help us determine if it is safe to operate on the day.

- Weather Zone for forecast and their Rain Radar, so we can see the rain pattern and path.
- Willy Weather for an update of the Wind Speed and current Gusting speeds.
- Just Clowning Around reserves the right to cancel at any time due to safety considerations.

- 1.5 Hours before bounce time

- We contact you to discuss if the weather is going to be suitable, between this call and the end of the booking time. If it is decided not to proceed, we refund all proceeds excluding your booking deposit amount, which you can then use for any new Jumping Castle booking within the next 12 months.

- We arrive for installation

- If in the previous conversation, it is determined to still go ahead, a Minimum charge of $80 is applicable. When we arrive for the installation we once again review the suitability of the weather, now considering the site.

- After Installation

- If the Jumping Castle is installed a minimum hire of two hours now applies. However, if the Jumping Castle gets wet, use of the Jumping Castle must stop immediately. Leave the Fan running and contact our Installer for collection. A drying fee of $60 also applies.

Can I extend a hire on the day?

- It is not always possible to extend a hire on the day, during to schedulling requirements, and the possibility that your castle has another function to attend.
- It is always better to book the time prior to the day.

How much space will I require?

- As a rule of thumb our small and medium Jumping Castle require 5 metres x 5 metres.
- Check your site is free from overhead tree branches, power lines, building eves or other obstructions.
- If you are not sure, check the dimension on the individual Jumping Castle product details, or take a photo and contact us.

How long does it take to set up & pack up the jumping castle?

- The jumping castle will be set up and dismantled by a Just Clowning Around Installer. It takes around 15 minutes to set up the jumping castle with suitable access.
- It will take longer if steps, gates, walls, sand pits, or long distance from car park are encountered. These should be brought to our attention at time of booking.
- It takes around 20 minutes to dismantle the Jumping Castle.

Can I move the Jumping Castle?

- No - The jumping castle is not to be moved to any other location once installed by us.

Does the jumping castle have to be on grass?

- No, but please advise us at the time of booking if any part of the Jumping Castle will be on a surface other than grass.
- We can install our jumping castles on artificial lawn, concrete driveways, paved areas and inside halls or gyms, on dirt or gravel.
- Weights can be supplied for anchorage on hard surfaces. Additional charges apply.
- Different operating restrictions also apply.

Can I have a jumping castle indoors?

- Yes, you can have a jumping castle indoors. Church halls, community centres, school halls and gyms generally have plenty of room for a Jumping Castle, as will some garages. Please check with us first before booking.
- A small extra charge applies for sand bags and soft fall mats for these types of Jumping Castle installations.
- Our Jumping Castle are surprisingly quite tall when considering inside installation.

Can I have a jumping castle in a public park?

- Yes, you can have one of our Jumping Castle in a public venue.You will need to get approval, and consider both power, and access to the site depending on the Jumping Castle.
- Approval - You will need to get ACT Government approval to have a Hire Jumping Castle on ACT Government land. Contact Canberra Connect.
- Power - Some public parks may not have access to power and/or the location may not work considering distance from outlet, slope of site, trip hazards from power cords for all users of the park.Just Clowning Around can provide power with a petrol blower / generator for the jumping castle hire, for which there will be an additional charge.
- Trained supervisors - If you are having your jumping castle hire in a public place in Canberra or Queanbeyan you will require a supervisor. Our staff are professionally dressed in our corporate uniform and are trained in all aspects of supervision of children on Jumping Castles. Our staff hold current Working with Vunurable Persons Cards, and we hold Public Liability Insurance.

Does someone need to supervise the operation of the jumping castle?

- Yes, a responsible adult over 18 years of age must supervise the jumping castle at all times. There will be operating instructions for the Jumping Castle with the booking confirmation and reiterated on the day of the hire, or you can hire one of our trained supervisors.
- Events with larger number of guests, events in public locations, usually Corporate events, Christmas Picnics, School Fetes, Markets, garage sales, car boot sales in Canberra and Queanbeyan will require one of our trained supervisors.

Do you have public liability insurance.

- We carry $20Million in Public Liability, and certificates can be forwarded upon confirmation of Jumping Castle Hire booking if required.

What power is required for the jumping castle?

- Most of our Jumping Castle only require a single power point (240volt) which should ideally be available within 25 metres of the jumping castle. It can be an absolute maximum of 50 metres before you will require a petrol blower or generator for which there will be a small additional charge.

Can I have a jumping castle on a slope?

- Don't rule out slopes, but please check with us first.
- Safety will always be our highest priority.
- Send us a photo if you are in doubt. We always recommend the best for your Jumping Castle party.

What is your Jumping Castle Safety mantra?

- Safety is our priority. Just Clowning Around will always consider safety before anything else.
- If it is unsafe we will not do it.
- All equipment is manufactured, operated and maintained in accordance with the Australian Standard which is the most comprehensive standard in the world.

Can I hire a jumping castle on weekday?

- Yes, absolutely! After-school parties or Kindy and Playgroup Parties are very popular, or even as a bordom buster at home.

Can I hire Jumping Castle after dark (at night)?

- Due to safety considerations, we do not hire Jumping Castles after dark
- It is not safe to operate jumping castles when poor visibility restricts safe supervision of children.